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Tony admits to Carla that he smashed the office window in anger. Carla's taken aback. Sean, Julie, Kelly, Janice and Wiki gossip about the broken window and the tension between Tony and Carla. They wonder if the wedding is off. Helen apologises to Carla for her harsh words after the funeral. However Carla's vitriolic and Helen leaves feeling hurt. Sally gets a call from the police saying they've arrested a bloke for using Rosie's bank card. He said he'd found Rosie's purse in a pub. Amber quizzes Dev about his relationship with Tara and what went wrong. Dev tells Amber that there's things she wouldn't understand and to drop the subject. Barry and Helen leave for Ireland. Peter arrives on the street with his son Simon. He explains to Ken, Deirdre and Blanche how Lucy's dying wish was for him to look after Simon. Carla arranges to go and stay with her friend Suzie in LA. Tony puts pressure on her to refix a date for the wedding but Carla refuses. DC Hooch questions Steve again but he sticks to his story saying he spent the night with Becky. Michelle wonders what's going on. In the Rovers, a drunken Peter shocks Ken, Michelle, Steve and Liz by announcing that he doesn't want Simon - his business is in a mess and the last thing he needs is a five-year-old son to bring up.


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