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Amber slams round the kitchen still furious with Dev. He refuses to apologise for the way he handled the situation. Tony's annoyed with Carla for cancelling the wedding. Carla feels guilty and assures him that she's only postponing it and not cancelling it altogether. Nina again threatens to tell Prem about their affair if Dev doesn't stop seeing Tara. Dev misses Liam's funeral and pays Prem a visit instead. He admits to his affair with Nina. Dev tells Prem that he bitterly regrets it and begs him not to tell Tara. Prem's angry and tells him to stay away from Tara in future and to cut all ties with the MABN. Nina arrives home. She realises what's happened and gives Dev a triumphant look. Liam's funeral takes place. Maria only just manages to hold it together. As the priest starts the service, Ozzy whines for his dead master. DC Hooch is forced to drop the charges against Becky because of the lack of evidence. Becky's cocky knowing that she's got the better of him. As Ozzy continues to whine in the church, the pressure is too much for Carla. Much to Tony's annoyance, she rushes out and stands outside sobbing uncontrollably, knowing she's lost the love of her life.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Carla breaks down at Liam's funeral, but Sally is forced to miss the service altogether because the police have new information about Rosie; and Dev confesses his infidelity.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,400,000 viewers (3rd place).
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