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John catches Rosie and forces her back up to the attic. Rosie sobs as he locks her in and leaves. Nancy explains to Deirdre what's expected of her as a volunteer carer. Deirdre's quietly fuming with Blanche. Helen tries to persuade Maria to come with them to see Liam's body but she refuses saying that she can't face it. Molly confronts Tyrone about the wedding dress. She's cross with him pointing out they can't afford it. Tyrone insists they can and eventually wins her round. John purposely leaves Rosie's purse in a pub hoping it will be handed in then Kevin, Sally and the police will know she's still alive and well. Dev takes Tara back to the flat for the evening. However he's shocked when Darryl comes out of the bedroom wearing only his underpants. Dev's furious and throws Darryl out whilst Amber locks herself in her bedroom. Tara, unimpressed at Dev's treatment of his daughter, tells him that he's out of order and leaves. Fiz spots a rip in John's shirt. He blames it on his grandmother's cat. Ken gets a phone call from Peter to tell him that Lucy has died. Peter's upset and hangs up. Ken's worried about his son. Carla arrives home to find the vicar there with Tony. Tony wants to finalise the wedding details but the pressure is too much for Carla and shocks him by telling him that the wedding is off.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rosie is dragged back to the room by her frantic captor, who plants her purse in a dingy pub for someone to find; and an emotionally overwrought Carla tells Tony the wedding is off.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,540,000 viewers (7th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Blanche Hunt (to Deirdre Barlow): "I can't wait to go to Lourdes! I've got me list ready... fix me eyesight, sort out me dodgy hip, clear up that fungal growth on me left big toe. You could ask them, though, to be a better cook. Now that would be a miracle!"

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