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Carla phones for a cab, intent on breaking it off with Tony and starting a new life with Liam. Leanne offers her support. Tyrone and Molly set their wedding date for 12th January, 2009. Under pressure from Pam, Tyrone agrees to sell some dodgy shirts to boost the wedding fund. The police call at No.4 and Kevin shows the postcard to Sophie explaining she mustn't go out alone. Sophie's secretly enjoying the attention. The stags finish paintballing and go for a curry. Michelle notices Maria's avoiding the champagne and asks her if she's pregnant. Maria excitedly admits she is but explains even Liam doesn't know yet. Michelle lets slip to Carla and Leanne that Maria's pregnant. Carla reels at the news and tells Leanne that Maria's news changes everything. John rushes off to feed his "grandmother's cat". Fiz complains that the cat is starting to rule their lives. Carla secretly meets up with Liam at the curry house. She lies to him saying she doesn't love him after all and he was just a replacement for Paul. Liam's insistent they must be together and promises to break the news to Maria in the morning. Carla's adamant she's going to marry Tony - though inwardly her heart is breaking.


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