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John's intrigued to hear from Lloyd how Rosie's stolen the factory girls' lottery money and done a runner with it. Liam is unnerved by Tony's manner. Becky's excited about the new flat. Jason's secretly getting cold feet about it. He phones Sarah and tells her how much he's missing her. Kevin and Sally row over Rosie. Rita tries to comfort them. John gives Sally a list of Rosie's old friends from school. Tony admits to Liam that his business ventures aren't going too well. Liam's surprised. Tony leads Liam into a cave where he stands on a narrow ledge. Liam's scared stiff. Tony asks him to be his best man at the wedding. Liam's surprised and feels he has no choice but to accept. Fiz gets cramp in her foot. Julie makes her lie on the pavement and stretch her leg. Mel's furious when Darryl brings drunken Teresa home. She packs her things and moves out to live with Abi in Stretford. Mel calls into Street Cars to order a taxi. John offers to take her before he has to get back and feed his gran's cat. Becky drags Jason off to the estate agents to sign for the flat. Liam tells Carla and Maria how he's going to be best man at the wedding. Carla's incredulous and worried as to what Tony's up to.


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