Kevin persuades Steve and Lloyd to move their Street Cars account back to the garage. He and Tyrone celebrate the fact that business is starting to look up. Tony enters the hotel room to find Rosie Webster sitting half-naked on the bed. He's disgusted with her and demands she puts her clothes back on. As Michelle regales Steve with tales of her tour and the things she and JD did together, Steve can't help being a bit jealous. Michelle reassures him. Janice and Leanne celebrate their win in the Rovers. They lie to everyone saying their uncle Bobby has died and they've each inherited £12,500. Jerry tells Mel he intends to move to Spain with the kids. Mel's upset but adamant she doesn't want to give up her job. Rosie's humiliation turns to anger and she thrusts her phone at Tony showing him the pictures of Carla and Liam kissing. Tony's furious. Sophie tells Sally and Kevin how she's just got an A* at school. Kevin's proud of her and vows to spend more time with Sophie. Kevin tells Sally he's ready to wash his hands of Rosie who's spoilt and underhand. Tony does a deal with Rosie. She has to keep quiet about Carla and Liam and in return she can keep her job at the factory. Tony pockets Rosie's phone.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rosie tries to seduce Tony, but when he rejects her she shows him the footage of Carla and Liam kissing; Leanne and Janice celebrate their cash payout; Sophie receives her exam results; and Jerry reveals he would like to move abroad.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,340,000 viewers (9th place).
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