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Harry's desperate to find Liz to tell her that their date's off but Clarissa, aware that he's two-timing her, refuses to leave him alone. Liz excitedly gets her hair done and shows off her new dress to Deirdre. Kevin apologises to Tyrone for snapping at him and offers him a share of the business in return for more hours and less pay whilst they get it back on its feet. Vernon packs up his worldly possessions into the back of his van. Liam arranges a business meeting with Carla for the following evening. Tony arrives back from Scotland. He asks Carla to attend the Fashion Awards with him the following evening but she makes excuses. Tony asks Rosie instead. Vernon sets up his drum kit outside the Rovers determined to get Liz's attention but to no avail. In desperation Vernon gives the love letter to Deirdre to deliver it. Deirdre reads the letter to Liz. In it Vernon tells her that he knows about she and Harry and that he's leaving for London at 8.00pm. He begs her to come with him. Clarissa drags Harry into the Rovers before they leave for the ball. Liz realises that Harry's a lying, two-timing scumbag and chases after Vernon but it's too late, he's gone. Rosie heads into town with Saj for the evening. John shoots her a look of pure hatred as she goes. Janice shows Leanne the fake documents in Rosie Webster's name. Harry gives Liz an apologetic smile but Liz just stares back at him, determined to make him pay.


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