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John begs Fiz to reconsider but Fiz tells him that it's over. Tom sets off for New York on business. Liam wishes he were going too. Norris calls in the kebab shop hoping for gossip. He's not disappointed when Teresa and Jerry exchange words in front of him. Vernon gets a call from a record label saying they're interested in one of his songs. Janice demands the factory girls' lottery tickets back off Rosie as it appears she hasn't bothered to check them. Janice gets Leanne to check them in the bookies. Fiz is upset over John. Julie tries to be supportive but only succeeds in irritating Fiz. Liam arranges to meet up with Carla saying they've business to discuss. Harry lies to Clarissa by telling her that she'll have to go to the party in Cheshire alone as he's got an urgent meeting with his accountant. Clarissa's suspicious. Janice can't believe her luck when Leanne tells her that she's won £24,887 on the lottery. Jerry decides to take the kids to Spain for a holiday and to get them away from Teresa. Janice arrives back in the factory but fails to tell the girls about their lottery win. John goes to collect Rosie from town in his taxi and is infuriated when he sees her flirting with Saj. Rosie refuses to get in but John shoves her into the back of the car and locks the doors.


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