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Jason and Becky are all loved-up after a night of passion. They agree to go flat-hunting. Kayleigh pours her heart out to Gail saying that she blames herself for encouraging her dad to let Teresa stay at the house. Gail comforts her. Janice and Sean continue to needle Fiz over her relationship with John. Fiz gets increasingly upset wishing she could have her friends' approval. Tom tells Liam they need to go to a trade show in New York. Maria bans Liam from going saying it'll be nice for them to have some time at home alone. John tries to ingratiate himself with the factory girls by buying them all a drink but they shun his hospitality. John's angry whilst Fiz is embarrassed. John tells Lloyd that he and Fiz are moving to his grandmother's house in the country. When Lloyd mentions it to Fiz she's annoyed as it's the first she's heard about it. Harry flirts with Liz and they agree to meet up for a lock-in at the Rovers. Becky and Jason arrive back from their flat-hunting disappointed. The flat they went to view turned out to be a fleapit. Fiz angrily tells John that she doesn't want to move to the country with him and that her friends matter to her. She tells John to go.


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  • TV Times synopsis: John contemplates moving away with Fiz to escape the unwanted attention of her friends; Maria puts a stop to Liam going on a business trip to New York; and Becky's plans for a love nest with Jason are thwarted.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,650,000 viewers (4th place).
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