Ken goes for a post, teaching history at a public school in Surrey. Albert's niece, Valerie, calls on him to tell him his brother Alfred has got the post of Station Master in Glasgow. She asks him if she can stay with him when her family move there and he is delighted. Ken meets Valerie and falls for her. Nancy has a heart attack and Dr Graham is sent for. Concepta wins Lucille over by taking her to the Bank Holiday fair. Lucille finds a pill box in the Street and keeps it. Dr Graham panics when he realises he's lost some sleeping pills.


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  • First appearance of Valerie Tatlock.
  • TV Times: Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad. But whatever their mood, the people of Coronation Street are Britain's next door neighbours (This generic synopsis did not appear in all regional editions)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 4,524,000 homes (8th place). Of all of the episodes in the year which appeared in the viewing charts, this was the lowest-rating, due in no small part to it being transmitted on August Bank Holiday Monday.
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