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Mel's furious to find that Teresa has moved back in, but Jerry's pleased to have her back. Gail's excited as she gets ready for a lunch date with Joe. David's oblivious. Eileen gets a call from Todd saying that he saw Marcus getting very cosy with another bloke in a club in London. Eileen tells Sean. David asks Amber to come round and watch a DVD with him. Amber's made up. Jerry begs Mel to cut Teresa some slack and learn to live with her. Amber turns up for her date with David looking a million dollars. Darryl's envious whilst Tina's fuming. Norris apologises to Emily for opening the envelope. Emily graciously tells him that he's forgiven. Dev and Nina arrive at their luxury hotel and have an afternoon of passion. Dev's put out when Nina leaves him to go for a massage. Amber snogs the face off David but it's clear David's not really enjoying it. Suddenly Tina bursts in angry at catching David with Amber. David points out she must still really care about him. Amber flees very upset realising she's been used. Norris finds an envelope in the bin and realises that Emily must be hiding something. Mel packs her things and goes to stay at Abi's house saying she can't live with Teresa. Jerry collapses and Teresa panics thinking that she might have killed him.


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