Tyrone and Molly wait outside Jackie's house hoping to warn her about Brian. David continues to fawn over Amber in front of Tina. Darryl thinks that he's mean to use Amber just to get at Tina. Molly persuades Tyrone that they should withdraw their wedding fund of £1,000 to pay Brian off and protect Jackie. The doctor calls to see Jerry. Jerry takes Teresa's advice and pretends that he's fine as he doesn't want to be taken back into hospital. Fiz starts to thaw towards John and lets him sit and have a drink with her. Rita and Norris bicker over Emily's funeral arrangements letter. Tyrone and Molly pay Brian off. Jackie is totally ungrateful and Tyrone's hurt and embarrassed that his mum's such a cow. Teresa tells Jerry that she's not moving out as he's still not well and needs her. Molly sobs on the way home. Tyrone's gutted realising just how much he loves her.


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