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Fiz admits to Maria how she kissed John. Maria thinks she's mad. Tyrone and Molly nervously go to visit Tyrone's mum Jackie as it's her birthday. They're impressed by the nice house she's living in at Chorlton. Sally, Kevin, Rosie and Sophie bicker as they get ready to leave for Majorca. Tony gives Rosie £20 to buy some ice creams but Kevin's furious and rips the money up. Jackie explains how she's house and cat-sitting for some friends while they're away. David enthusiastically tells Darryl how much he and Amber enjoyed the gig hoping to make Tina jealous. His plan works. Jerry starts to feel quite ill. Teresa guiltily offers to phone the medical centre for him. John apologises to Fiz for kissing her but Fiz admits that it reminded her how much she misses him. Tyrone and Molly take Jackie for a birthday pub lunch. They're accosted by a thug called Brian. Jackie had met him before she went to Torremolinos and she owes him £1,000. Jackie does a runner from the pub and Brian tells Tyrone and Molly they've got 24 hours to come up with the money.


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