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Ken shaves off his beard. Steve's relieved when he thinks that Michelle's night out will only be to a gay bar. Gail notices that Jerry has made his way through his prescription too quickly. Gail and David turn up at the bowling alley. Tina isn't impressed when she sees them there. She stays a while then leaves saying she can forgive but not forget. Steve can't bear seeing Michelle dressed up and off out for the night. Michelle, Becky, Sean and Marcus head out for the night to a karaoke bar. David leaves the bowling alley too, but Joe and Gail stay on for a game. Michelle bumps into a lad she used to know, JD. Ken and Deirdre have a make-up drink in the back yard of No.1. Michelle chats to JD about Steve sleeping with someone else. JD asks Michelle if she'd stand in for a member of his band. She agrees. Joe wants another date with Gail but she is reluctant because of Tina and David. Michelle returns home with JD. Steve is irked.


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