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Darryl tries to phone David to warn him about Tina but he rejects the call. Ken is beside himself looking for missing pieces of manuscript. Ted urges Bill to make a gesture to Audrey to let her know that he cares. Kelly and Fiz are annoyed that the overtime Sally is doing wasn't offered around. Tony is enjoying his game with the Websters. Bill takes Audrey flowers and tickets for the opera. She can see it's Ted's idea. Tina packs her bags and leaves No.8. Carla tells Rosie that she is her confidante and slips her a roll of bank notes. Deirdre is offended by Ken's manuscript. He is oblivious, delighted to have found it. Joe and Gail stroll home from the Rovers to find Tina leaving. Teresa scatters another of Jerry's tablets into his food. Tina tells Joe to drive her home despite David's attempts to get her to come back.


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