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Harry suggests to Liz that he'll meet her in the Rovers after he's seen Clarissa off. Tyrone talks to Steve about doing some shifts at Street Cars. Prem quizzes Dev about his business ventures and property. Clarissa tells Harry that she knows he doesn't want the divorce either but is hurt when he doesn't agree. She storms to the Rovers, where Liz is also waiting. They bicker. Jason and Becky arrive back from holiday. She's relieved that Michelle knows nothing. Clarissa storms out of the Rovers after giving Harry a piece of her mind. He chases after her and they kiss. They relax back at the flat while Liz waits back at the Rovers. Ken and Ted arrive back from the art auction. Blanche is convinced they are an item. Harry tells Liz that he and Clarissa are giving it another go. Vernon comforts her. Becky worries when she hears from Eileen that Steve and Michelle have split up. Dev tells Prem that he has inspired him to find his "drive" again. Ken digs out a novel he wrote years ago from the loft and begins to edit it. Vernon and Liz agree they are good friends, though it visibly crushes Vernon.


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