Jack wants to fund some of Tyrone and Molly's wedding. They tell him that it's his company they want not his money. Pam gets carried away with expensive ideas. Clarissa is incensed as she witnesses Harry and Liz planning an intimate getaway. Blanche "catches" Ken reading an explicit gay novel and takes a phone message for him from Ted Page. She suspects this means he is gay. Deirdre is incredulous. Dev and Prem play a round of golf and chat about fatherhood and relationships. Leanne reluctantly gives Clarissa the key to Harry's flat. Fiz appears to feel pity for John. Kelly is baffled. Pam tells Tyrone that Molly is only pretending to not want a wedding with all the trimmings. Jack and Steve agree that women say one thing and mean another. Steve feels uncomfortable as Michelle and Molly pore over wedding catalogues. Ken feels betrayed by Deirdre and Blanche following her accusations. Harry takes Liz back to his flat where they kiss as Clarissa appears in the doorway. Harry is torn as to how to deal with the situation.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Harry celebrates his imminent divorce by spending the day with Liz, but finds Clarissa still has designs on him; a pent-up Fiz tries to steer clear of John but jumps to his defence in the Kabin; and Dev is delighted by Prem's invitation.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,720,000 viewers (2nd place).

Notable dialogue

Deirdre Barlow: "Oh, mother! This is crazy! Ken and Ted are just friends!"
Blanche Hunt: "I wish you could hear yourself!"
Deidre Barlow: "Mum! Ken is not gay!"
Blanche Hunt: "Just because things seem alright in the bedroom department..."
Deidre Barlow: "Do you mind?!"


Blanche Hunt: "I have no problem with the gays. You know I'd walk on hot coals for Paul O'Grady."

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