Steve lies again to Michelle saying he spent the night with a woman but didn't sleep with her. Michelle's disbelieving, dumps him and chucks her engagement ring in a nearby skip. Tyrone and Molly arrive back from their meal. Jack and Pam are disappointed to discover that Tyrone didn't pop the question. Steve climbs in the skip and searches for the ring. He finds it. Tony gives Sean his job back at the factory telling him he has Rosie to thank. Mel's run some police checks on Teresa's partner Gary. She's disappointed to find out her mum was telling the truth and Gary's a thug. Kevin's suspicious when he hears how Tony's given Rosie a pay rise and taken her advice regarding Sean. He's convinced Tony's playing power games. Prem, Dev and Vernon share a drink in the club house. Dev's flattered that Prem remembers him. Dev explains to Vernon how Prem is one of the most successful businessmen in the north-west. They agree to meet up again. Depressed Tyrone returns Vera's ring to Jack saying he doesn't need it. Steve arrives home and begs Michelle to take him back. Michelle goes ballistic, throws him out and chucks all his belongings out on to the Street.


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