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Tyrone tells Jack that he's going to propose to Molly. Jack's delighted. Michelle continues to let Steve think everything's okay. Inwardly she's fuming. Rosie tells Tony that Kevin's business is starting to suffer. Tony assures her that she did the right thing handing over the client list as Kevin will be grateful one day. Roy's short-staffed in the cafe so Vernon helps him out. Dev joins Greenside Golf Club. Vernon offers to have a round with him. Dev feels obliged to agree. Rosie asks Tony to give Sean his job back at the factory. Tony says he'll consider it. Michelle makes Steve take her into town and buy her an engagement ring. She can't believe he's still lying to her. Ted invites Ken to the theatre. Blanche is convinced Ted will turn Ken gay. Molly's surprised to find her aunt Pam in the Rovers. She's selling knock-off ham from a holdall. Betty throws her out. Molly and Tyrone take her back to No.9. Jack gives Vera's engagement ring to Tyrone to give to Molly. Tyrone's touched. Steve gets down on one knee and proposes properly to Michelle. Michelle finally lets rip telling him how she knows he's lied to her and never really wanted to marry her. Steve tries to defend himself but Michelle punches him in the mouth.


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