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Vernon tells Norris that he and Liz have split up. Norris is immediately keen to spread the gossip. Ashley and Claire move out of No.4 and into Claire's mum's house until the rewiring is finished at No.13. Kevin and Sally are glad to be rid of them. Liz is relieved but sad that she and Vernon are over. Harry finds out from Norris about Liz and Vernon. He's immediately interested. Liz offers Vernon her wedding ring back but he refuses to take it. Jason asks Becky out on a date. Becky's delighted they're back together and snogs the face off him. Roy looks on disapprovingly. Marcus shocks Sean when he arrives home from work saying he's quit his job. Norris bickers with Rita over the fact that she's thinking of selling The Kabin when he doesn't want to. Liz plans to go to Jersey for a few days to let the dust settle. Harry calls in the Rovers and invites Liz out on a date. Liz is insulted that Harry thinks she'll jump straight into bed with another man and sends him away with a flea in his ear.


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