Liz admits to Vernon that she should never have married him. Vernon's devastated and begs her to reconsider but Liz has made up her mind. Liz pours her heart out to Deirdre over a bottle of wine and several cigarettes. Claire shows Ashley the cheque for £7,000 which she got for the Beatles programmes. Ashley's amazed and tells Claire not to mention it to Sally. Liam tells Maria that Steve's going to propose to Michelle. Carla and Tony overhear. Liz breaks the news to Michelle that she and Vernon are splitting up. Vernon packs his things and leaves. Liz feels terrible for the way she's treated him. Claire lets slip to Sally and Kevin about the £7,000 she got for the programmes. Sally's furious and reckons they should split the money 50/50. Ashley's embarrassed. Becky does her first shift behind the Rovers bar. Jason's pleased to see her. Tony and Carla put their business proposition to Rita and Norris. They offer to pay over the odds for the The Kabin and the flat. Norris is adamant its not for sale but Rita disagrees and reckons it's a good opportunity to retire.


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  • Becky Granger is the Rovers' 50th barmaid. To celebrate the landmark number, ITV issued a press release about the storyline and a feature on Coronation Street's official website gave a history of the Rovers Return barmaids - a list of all fifty, including pictures and clips.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,320,000 viewers (3rd place).

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