Coronation Street is transformed for the "Best Kept Street" competition. Annie erects a striped canopy over the Rovers' door. She tells Jack that she knows the senior judge, Mrs Delamere, from the Lady Victuallers. David prepares a new shop display as there's a special prize. Betty splashes out when someone posts £1 through the door. The police, health department and children's department descend on the Street during the competition. Mistaking them for the judges, Annie, Ena and Hilda form a welcome committee. They're informed that someone shopped the Lawsons. Ken insults David's display, thinking it's intentionally slapdash in an attempt at postmodernism. The real judges arrive just as the Lawsons are driven away. Fortunately, Mrs Delamere assumes that the residents were simply waving goodbye to someone but Hilda puts her foot in it and tells her the whole story. Len sticks up for whoever reported the Lawsons as it was the only way to help them. Jack guesses that Len shopped them but doesn't say so in front of the regulars. Annie tries to make a positive impression on the judges but the other residents keep showing themselves up. Emily discovers Len's books are £300 out.


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