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Michelle puts pressure on Lloyd to tell her what he and Steve got up to on their night out. Lloyd lies saying Steve ran up a huge debt in a casino. Audrey's furious with Ted for forging a reference in her name. She threatens to phone David's new employer but they talk her out of it. Tony tells Carla he's got a masterplan for the factory. He wants to buy The Kabin and the garage and expand their loading bay out the front. Carla's dismissive. Claire excitedly tells Ashley if the picture is a genuine Lowry it's worth over £100,000. Ashley insists it belongs to Kevin and Sally but Claire explains how the other papers in the box were labelled "Irma Ogden" so it must have been left by the Ogdens. Michelle tells Carla about Lloyd's casino story. Carla's sceptical and reckons she'll get the truth out of Lloyd. Mel forces Jerry to take some exercise and improve his diet. Jerry's not happy. Jerry pays Lloyd back the money that Teresa conned out of him. Michelle and Carla corner Lloyd. Carla asks him if Steve's slept with another woman. Lloyd denies it but it's obvious he's lying. Michelle's gutted and swears to find out who the tart is.


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