Maria's furious with Liam for selling his share of the factory without consulting her. Liam calms her down saying he's got a new business idea. Teresa gives Jerry a sob story about her violent boyfriend. Jerry falls for it and lets her move back into No.6. Mel's furious. Tony joins Underworld and becomes Carla's business partner. Ted writes David a glowing reference. David gets the job at the Salon in town. Audrey's surprised. The Websters and the Peacocks finally swap houses, but not before Sally removes the light fittings from No.13. Liam announces his departure from Underworld to the workers. Sean, Fiz and Wiki are gutted to see him go. Carla enjoys watching Liam squirm. Ashley switches on the light at No.13 and the fuse box blows. Bill tells them the whole house needs rewiring. Claire's furious. Vernon accuses Liz of not caring about him any more. Liz tries to reassure him. Kevin insists Ashley and Claire move in with them at No.4 while they get the wiring fixed. Sally's not happy. Liam hands over his factory keys to Carla. Carla's secretly gutted to have lost him.


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