Liz and Vernon leave for their night at a swanky hotel. Ashley forces Claire to admit she still wants No.13. He drags her round there and he and Kevin agree on the original deal - swap houses plus £25,000 for No.4. Gail cooks a "welcome home" meal for David. Over dinner David asks Audrey if she'll give Tina a job at the Salon. Audrey explains that she's no room for Tina and she doesn't want David back either as she thinks it's time he stood on his own two feet. Tina's angry and Gail's furious. Gail tells Audrey to get out of her house. Jason tells Eileen that he doesn't want to dump Becky, he just wants to cool things down. Leanne and Carla are annoyed to find they're both going for a drink with Michelle, but they agree to put up with each other and head into town. Becky knocks on Jason's door wearing only some sexy underwear under her coat. Jason can't resist and lets her in. Eileen despairs. Carla arrives home to find Tony has returned from his holiday and let himself in. He gives her a fright but she's pleased to see him. Dan calls in the Rovers and tries to iron out his feud with Steve. However Steve's still insistent Dan scratched his car. A fight ensues, Steve chucks Dan's phone into the cellar. Dan goes after the phone and Steve locks him in the cellar. Dan's in serious pain as he sits alone in the darkened cellar.


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