Ena gets Jerry to paint over the graffiti in the No.7 gap. Minnie discovers her window boxes have been knocked off the sill overnight. Ena suspects sabotage. In No.3, the squatting Lawson family - Betty and her sons Ronnie and Clifford - hide from everyone. Elsie goes public on her engagement. Hilda broadcasts it to everyone in the Rovers, including Len. Ena asks Len for help protecting their properties from vandals. Elsie is anxious about her upcoming meeting with Steve's CO Major Ryan as they need his permission to marry. Ena and Jerry discover the Lawsons in No.3. Elsie is relieved when Len offers his congratulations. Betty tells Ena they can't afford to rent anywhere and her husband left her after they were evicted for not paying the rent a year ago. Ena is shocked at them living in squalor and doesn't approve of Betty not sending her sons to school. Betty refuses to go to the council as Ronnie and Clifford will be taken into care. Ena and Jerry don't know what to do about them. Jack makes a toast to Elsie and Steve's future. Ena tells Len and Ken about the Lawsons. The Lawsons pack, expecting to be moved on. Len fears that the Lawsons would be split up if they were reported to the council. He tells them they can stay at No.3 until he sorts something out, not telling them he's a councillor. Elsie has her meeting with Major Ryan.


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