Teresa persuades Jerry it's best if she moves in. Darryl thinks it's a good idea whilst Mel's convinced Teresa must have an ulterior motive. Steve and Dan race each other to Swinton. Dan wins the race but Steve reckons he must have cheated. Miss Finn the drama teacher announces that the school play will have to be cancelled as Kenzie's been arrested. Sophie tells her that Chesney can play Romeo as he learnt all the lines for the audition. Chesney gets the lead role. Becky meets Jason for a drink. She's disappointed when he brings Bill with him and they finish up playing darts. Chesney and Kayleigh rehearse the scene where Romeo kisses Juliet. Chesney's sick with nerves and asks Sophie for some kissing tips. Kayleigh invites Chesney to join her at the chippy. Chesney's walking on air. Teresa moves into No.6. She gets Finlay settled and then sneaks off to the Rovers. Kenzie arrives at the chippy and tells Kayleigh he's been released as the police have no evidence he was the robber. Kayleigh blames him for her dad's heart attack and dumps him. Kayleigh and Chesney head to the chippy holding hands.


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