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Liam feels awkward after spending the night with Carla. Fiz is convinced that Chesney's not well but he insists he's fine. Maria bumps into Liam just as he's arriving at the factory with Carla. Liam lies saying they had a breakfast meeting. Maria asks him to go with her to register the baby's death. He agrees and they set off together. Gail calls Ann McIntyre to tell her Tina is staying with them and she's fine. Ted shows Gail some old family photos of her grandparents. Tina's mother calls round at No.8. She and Tina have a row and Tina tells her about her abortion. Ann's furious with her daughter. Gail asks her to leave. Carla asks Fiz how Maria's bearing up but Fiz remains tight-lipped. Liz flirts with Harry over the Rovers' bar. Julie fusses over Chesney which gets on Fiz's nerves. Carla gives Liam a key to her flat and tells him that Maria was never right for him whereas she is. Liam doesn't know what to do.


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  • In this one-off appearance of Ann McIntyre, the character was named "Anna". When she returned on 11th June 2014 she was renamed "Ann" to avoid confusion with the regular character of Anna Windass.
  • Extended football coverage in Scotland resulted this episode being postponed to Friday 16th May, and broadcast at 7.30pm in the usual Coronation Street slot, immediately followed by a double bill of that day's two regular episodes. In all other areas this episode was transmitted at 7.00pm with the football following on in the 7.30pm slot.
  • TV Times synopsis: Chesney becomes caught up in Fiz and Julie's feuding; Liam feels guilty after his night with Carla; Gail has an argument with Tina's mother; and Leanne faces a difficult first shift at the Rovers Return.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,440,000 viewers (18th place).
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