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Liam's frantically trying to get in touch with Maria but her phone's switched off. The midwife explains to Maria how she'll need to make funeral arrangements for the baby but Maria's not really taking it in, she's too numb. Vernon's getting ready to leave for his cruise. Liz tells him that she's changed her mind and won't be going with him as she doesn't want to leave the Rovers. Vernon's gutted. Audrey's annoyed with Maria for leaving her in the lurch at the salon. Leanne and Dan receive letters telling them that the police will be taking no further action in connection with the fire. Leanne's hugely relieved. Claire's concerned to discover her and Ashley's bank account is overdrawn. Maria arrives back from the hospital but when she sees Liam in the street, she can't face him and tells the taxi driver to keep going. Paul's gutted to find out Leanne and Dan are off the hook and he's taking all the blame for the fire. Liz admits to Deirdre that she couldn't face weeks stuck on a ship with Vernon. Deirdre's concerned about Liz's marriage. Vernon leaves for his cruise. Liz is tearful as she kisses him goodbye. Bill and Gail discuss Audrey's odd behaviour. Bill tells Gail how Audrey's been in touch with someone called Ted Page. Gail's shocked and explains to Bill that Ted is her father. Audrey gets a call from Maria in tears to say she's outside her house. Audrey rushes to her aid. Maria tells Audrey how Liam spent the night at Carla's flat but fails to tell her about losing the baby.


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