Dennis hopes he's going to get the sack. Emily tries to save his job and is amazed as he resigns to save her the bother. Len tries to interest the residents in the "Best Kept Street" competition, to no avail. Dennis takes the news of Elsie's engagement well, telling Elsie he'd love a new daddy. She realises he has grown up at last. Nellie Underwood brags in the Corner Shop that Victoria Street will win the competition. Elsie worries about leaving Dennis on his own. Gregg writes to Dot to tell her that he can't see her any more because of Walter. Gregg doesn't think Elsie will fit in in Boston but Steve is optimistic. Dennis tells Elsie he's going to Sweden with Inga. He has a barman's job on a ferry between Immingham and Gottenburg so he can see Inga once a week. Elsie thinks it's very romantic. Albert takes possession of some old curtains which were being thrown away in Victoria Street and tells Jack the residents are going mad giving the thoroughfare a makeover. Nellie comes into the Rovers to crow and battles with Ena. Dennis and Inga leave for Sweden. Gregg warns Elsie that Steve's family are very posh and she'll be expected to socialise with his club friends.


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