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Audrey has stayed the night at No.8 with Gail, who hasn't slept. David is interrogated by the police officer. He asks if it can be handled by DC Weller. Roy is still infuriating Becky with his bat hypothesis. David admits to DC Weller that it was him that pushed Gail down the stairs. At the salon, Maria is being quizzed about the incident with David. Gail enters and tells Audrey she is going to the police station then rushes off to No.1 to apologise to Ken and Deirdre. They are sympathetic about children going off the rails - referring to Tracy. Jason, Becky and Bill discuss Roy's finding bat droppings. Rick asks Becky out. DC Weller tells Audrey and Gail that David has come clean about everything; although Gail is still reluctant to help prosecute. They take David home. Bill confronts Tony about the problem that bats on the building site would cause. David, Gail and Audrey return to an audience of Tyrone, Jerry, Kevin and Lloyd. In the Rovers there is still speculation over Gail's fall. Tony asks Roy to keep quiet about the bats but Roy says he can't. Rick turns up to Becky's early. Roy arrives back sooner than expected and notes Becky and Rick in her room. He tells Becky that he's disappointed. She flounces out. Gail and David agree to take things slowly and make no promises.


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  • TV Times synopsis: After spending the night in a prison cell, David comes clean about his misdeeds - but Gail refuses to testify against him.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,850,000 viewers (6th place).
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