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Gail tries to get David to admit he pushed her down the stairs but David sticks to his story saying he wasn't even there. Gail knows he's lying. Gail phones Audrey and tells her that she was right all along about David. Dev catches Amber chatting to Paul. He tells Paul to stay away from his daughter. Audrey thinks Gail should call the police and have David arrested but Gail wants to hear David's version of events first. Tina meets David in the cafe. She tells him that she can't take the pressure of lying any more and their relationship is over. David is devastated. Steve tracks down Alex. He asks Alex to consider seeing Michelle again as it would make her really happy. Alex says he'll think about it. Liz is furious when Vernon's builder friends leave the job halfway through as they've got a gig on a cruise ship. Vernon promises to find some more builders. Janice and Roger arrive back from their holiday. Leanne tells them about the fire. Roger's sympathetic whilst Janice is slightly suspicious. David returns home only to be given the third degree by Audrey and Gail. David still lies through his teeth. Audrey takes Gail home with her saying she's not safe with David as he tried to kill her. David's left entirely alone.


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  • TV Times synopsis: An angry David storms off to meet Tina, but her decision to end their relationship pushes him to the verge of a breakdown; and Steve tries to reconcile Alex with Michelle.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,470,000 viewers (4th place).
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