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Leanne and Paul plan to burn down the restaurant after the lunchtime session. Jason calls to see Gail. He talks her through their row and assures her that he never laid a finger on her. Gail starts to remember the odd thing. David and Tina are secretly panicking. Roy, Becky and Ken are working in the cafe. Roy's tetchy and Ken reckons Becky should make an effort to find some common interests with him. Gail phones the police saying she's remembered a couple of things and wants to talk to an officer. Maria calls to see Gail and David tells her how Jason's been filling his mum's head with lies. Maria tells Audrey who reckons that David's the one who's lying. Steve suggests he, Michelle, Ryan and Amy should have a holiday. Michelle's disappointed when Ryan says he doesn't want to go. Becky asks Roy if he'd like to do something together. Roy's pleased and suggests they play Scrabble. Becky's not impressed. Leanne spends the afternoon with Dan so that she has an alibi. Amy nearly gets run over by a builder's van but Harry saves her. Liz is hugely grateful to him. Paul sets fire to the restaurant. Amber returns looking for her phone and nervous Paul hustles her out. Amber's none the wiser.


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