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David spots Audrey giving Tina the third degree. He interrupts them and rescues Tina before she's tempted to give anything away. David tells Gail how Audrey's trying to make Tina out to be a liar. Gail's furious with Audrey and accuses her of bullying Tina. Vernon's mates admit to him they've wasted the money Liz gave them for materials. Leanne bites the bullet and suggests to Paul they burn the restaurant down. She lies to him saying how she wants to start a new business with him. Paul's taken in and offers to burn the restaurant down for her - exactly what Leanne was hoping for. Blanche complains to Liz about building work in the Rovers' back yard. Liz is sympathetic. Audrey confides in Bill that she's worried about Gail living with David she doesn't trust him. Eileen promises to keep an eye on Gail for her. Bill and Jason celebrate winning the building contract for the new flats. Bill thanks Tony although Tony admits to Carla that he had nothing to do with it. Maria gives Kirk his plane ticket for Cyprus and explains how Fiz needs some time on her own with Chesney. Leanne tells Dan about her and Paul's arson plans. Dan reckons she's got to think it through carefully. Tina's finding the pressure of lying all too much. David's worried she'll crack.


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