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Kirk's continuing to do Fiz's head in. She moans to Maria that it's like looking after two kids not one. Maria tries to stick up for her brother. Dan's not happy at Leanne's plan to suck up to Paul but she kisses him passionately and soon wins him round as they head to the bedroom. Vernon's mates start work on the smoking shelter in the Rovers' back yard. Liz wonders what she's let herself in for. Gail arrives home from hospital in a wheelchair. David and Tina fuss around her. Eileen calls to see Gail desperate to clear Jason's name, she hopes Gail can remember who pushed her down the stairs but Gail's memory is a blank. Maria tells Kirk that she and Liam will pay for him to go to Cyprus to visit their parents for a couple of weeks as it's their mum's birthday. Kirk tries to object but Maria's insistent - secretly she's doing it for Fiz's sake. Leanne plucks up the courage to suggest to Paul they burn down the restaurant but she's thwarted at the last minute. Ryan asks Michelle if she minds if he goes to see Nick at the weekend. He's pleasantly surprised when she says it's fine. Audrey corners Tina on her own and suggests she's covering up for David and has lied to the police. Tina covers but deep down she's guilt-ridden.


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