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Leanne moans to Paul and Amber that £40,000 isn't enough and she'll be stuck with the restaurant for ever at this rate. David is interviewed by the police. He tells them he was round at Tina's house when Gail was pushed down the stairs. Fiz visits Chesney at his foster home. She promises to do what she can to get him home as soon as possible. Vernon fixes up for his mates to come and build the smoking shelter in the back yard. Sean is dubious about it especially when he finds out they're really musicians. Audrey confronts Bill about shopping David to the police but Bill's adamant he's done the right thing. Audrey has to agree. Audrey and Bill visit Gail in hospital. David turns up and demands to know who shopped him to the police. Bill admits it was him although Audrey's quick to share the blame. Gail's angry that they could suspect David. The police call on Tina to get her version of events. Dan chats up Leanne and persuades her to let him take her out. Roy asks Becky if she'd like to move into the cafe flat with him as the lodger. Becky's delighted. Tina tells David how she lied to the police for him and pretended he was with her when Gail fell down the stairs. David's hugely relieved.


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