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David continues to play the doting son at Gail's bedside. Tony asks Carla if she accepted his proposal because she felt under pressure. Carla assures him that she really wants to marry him. Ryan continues to nag Michelle to let him go on holiday with Nick. Carla shows off her engagement ring to the factory girls hoping to make Liam jealous. Fiz is due back from her holiday tomorrow and Kirk's nervous of telling her about Chesney being taken into care. Roy offers Kirk his support. Audrey quizzes Jason about his row with Gail. Jason tells her how he thought Sarah was having an abortion but realises he got it wrong. He promises Audrey he never laid a finger on Gail. Audrey believes him and starts to wonder if David's the real culprit. Michelle makes Nick promise to take good care of Ryan in Cornwall and reluctantly agrees he can go. Vernon's shocked at Bill's quote to build a smoking shelter. He tells Michelle he's got some mates who'll do it for £500 instead and Liz has given him the go ahead. Audrey quizzes Gail about her row with Jason over the abortion. But Gail can hardly remember it. Audrey voices her suspicions about David to Bill.


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