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Gail lies motionless at the bottom of the stairs. David, horrified at what he's done, runs from No.8 in a blind panic. Ryan and Nick have their first proper meeting. Michelle's on pins. Audrey calls round to No.8 and is shocked to find Gail unconscious. Assuming she must have fallen down the stairs, she calls an ambulance. Amber starts her new job at Valandro's. She's embarrassed when Dev calls in demanding a table. David calls at Tina's house. He tells her that he knows all about the abortion but can't bring himself to tell her what he's done to Gail. Tina and David get back together. Kelly confesses to Liam and Carla she was the thief. Carla wants to sack Kelly but Wiki feels sorry for her and persuades Carla to keep her on. David gets a call from Audrey to say Gail's fallen down the stairs and is unconscious in hospital. David's secretly relieved she's alive. Leanne tells Paul she's got a prospective buyer coming to look at the restaurant. Tony quizzes Carla closely about her relationship with Liam. Carla admits they once kissed. Tony pretends he's fine about it but he's quietly furious and hurls a glass into the sink. David and Tina arrive at the hospital. David's shocked and guilt-ridden to see Gail unconscious and on a ventilator.


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  • TV Times synopsis: As Gail lies at the bottom of the stairs, a terrified David runs out of the back door and makes his way to Tina's place; and Tony quizzes Carla about her relationship with Liam.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,200,000 viewers (7th place).
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