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Claire's horrified to hear Chesney's been taken into care. David is put out that Gail and Tina seem to be getting on so well. Jason asks Bill to try and get Sarah's phone number from Audrey. Maria, Roy and Becky offer Kirk their support but Kirk's distraught knowing that Chesney's now with foster parents. He blames himself. Claire phones social services to try and persuade them to bring Chesney back home but to no avail. Darryl's furious as he watches Lauren flirting with a builder over the Rovers' bar. The builder spills a drink down Lauren's top so she takes it off. Liam recognises her bra - it's an Underworld one but it's a reject and has obviously been stolen. Tina meets Gail in the Rovers. She's nervous and frightened about the abortion. Liam assures Ryan that if he wants to get to know Nick, his real dad, both he and Michelle will support him. Ryan's worried Michelle will be upset. David shows Tina the tickets he's bought for a gig the following evening. Tina knows she won't be able to go but keeps schtum. Claire confides in Ashley how she alerted social services but only for the right reasons. Ashley's not sure other people will see it that way and reckons she should keep quiet about it. Claire's deeply worried.


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