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Sean's bereft realising he may never see his son again. Marcus tries to comfort him and gives him a framed photo of Sean holding Dylan. Dan promises Kelly an expensive night out. He arranges to meet her in the Rovers. Tina calls to see David but only stays a few minutes before flouncing out. David's gutted. Gail can see he's hurt and upset. Leanne tells Paul that she's fed up with running a backstreet restaurant and having no social life and no money. Paul tries to cheer her up. David shows his tattoo to Audrey. She feels sorry for him and tells Gail about the tattoo. Gail's less sympathetic. Michelle spends the day with Alex and avoids Wendy's phone calls although she knows Alex is due to return home today. Sean realises there's no point chasing after Violet. He can only hope one day she changes her mind and contacts him. Harry chats up Kelly while she waits in the pub for Dan. Wendy storms into the pub looking for Alex. Michelle takes her into the back. Tina calls at No.8 again. Gail tells her to stop messing David around. Distraught Tina bursts into tears and confesses to Gail that she's pregnant.


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