Jack makes a lovely speech about Vera at the funeral. Everybody's moved. Terry tells Jack he must hang on to No.9 and mustn't sell it to Tyrone and Molly. Terry's reasons are purely selfish but Jack can see straight through him. Darryl goes chasing after Lauren but Lauren's more interested in talking to her friends. Darryl's disappointed whilst Mel despairs. Carla enjoys telling Maria that the only reason Liam returned early from Birmingham was because Tony turned up as a surprise. Maria's gutted. Terry and Paul are forced to chat to each other but the conversation is stultified. Nick and Wendy turn up at the Rovers separately. Nick tells Michelle that Alex has moved in with him as he doesn't like Wendy's boyfriend. Nick gives Michelle a letter for Ryan. Wendy tells Michelle that Alex doesn't want to see her even though she's his biological mother. Michelle tells them Ryan feels the same about them. Liam manages to calm Maria down telling her how much he loves her. He assures her there's nothing going on between him and Carla. Jack tells Tyrone, Molly and Paul how they're his family now and he's not going to take any notice of Terry. Lauren calls to see Darryl and apologises for ignoring him. Darry's won over whilst Mel is more sceptical. Jack sits and looks at a photo of him and Vera and is overcome with emotion.


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