David continues to wind Sarah up, claiming he's put drugs in her suitcase. Angry Sarah frantically searches her case. Jerry insists on a delayed Christmas dinner now his family are all back home. Vernon is nervous of Jim as Jim wishes him all the best for the wedding. Rosie is concerned that Kevin and Sally don't want to talk to her. Eileen, Gail, Audrey and Bill say an emotional goodbye to Sarah, Jason and Bethany as they leave in Lloyd's taxi for their new life in Italy. As they pass David, Sarah blows him a triumphant kiss. Jim and Liz reminisce about a past holiday but the look in Jim's eye makes Liz nervous. Sarah proudly tells Jason how she planted the drugs on David and conned Stephen into giving her David's job in Milan. Jason's appalled and refuses to board the train. Tearful Sarah leaves with Bethany whilst Jason stays behind. Rosie tries to apologise to Fiz, telling her how John was just a bit of fun. Fiz is distraught as she tells Rosie she's ruined her life. Jason arrives back at the Platts' house and tells Gail how Sarah planted the drugs on David and deceived everyone else. David's delighted. Jim playfully smacks Liz's bum, the air is charged with sexual tension. Vernon's oblivious whilst Liz is worried by her feelings for her ex-husband.


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