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John's wrapping some sexy underwear up for Rosie's Christmas present when Fiz arrives home. He quickly hides it. Gail's worried about leaving David on his own in case he attempts suicide again. David assures her that he doesn't need a childminder. Liz's hen night takes place in the Rovers. Commando Sam, the stripper, performs for her and Eileen enjoys covering him in baby oil. As the hens discuss which men are the best kissers, Carla lets slip that she's kissed Liam. Maria, Michelle, Blanche and Audrey are gobsmacked. Carla assures Maria it was a mistake and meant nothing. Rosie and John have arrived at the hotel in the Peak District. She emerges from the bathroom in sexy underwear. John gives Rosie her birthday present and she tells John to kiss her. He thinks he's died and gone to heaven. Sarah sows the seed with Stephen that she, Jason and Bethany need somewhere to live. Maria confronts Liam about his kiss with Carla. Liam plays it down saying how she came on to him and it was awful. Maria's relieved.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Still reeling from the shock of discovering Ryan may not be her son, Michelle breaks down in Steve's arms; and Maria is horrified by a callous remark made by Carla at Liz's hen night.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,490,000 viewers (9th place).
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