Janice, Kelly, Fiz and Wiki survey the paltry array of drink and food that Carla's provided for their Christmas party. They're not impressed. Sarah plants the ecstasy pills in David's drawer in the salon. Michelle's worried that Nick will tell Ryan that she's not his mother. Tony turns up for the Underworld party and surprises the girls with a fabulous Christmas spread. Carla is forced to go along with it. Audrey finds the drugs in David's drawer. She and Sarah confront David but he denies all knowledge of them. Audrey's disbelieving. Maria returns from her first scan. She shows the picture to the factory girls. Gail and Stephen are appalled when they hear about the drugs in David's drawer. Gail bans David from going to Italy and Stephen backs her up on her decision. David's furious at being wrongly accused. Bill, Dev and Steve set off with Vernon to a Northern Soul concert to celebrate Vernon's stag night. John tells Rosie that he's booked them into a hotel in the Peak District on Sunday night. Rosie's thrilled and lies to Kevin and Sally saying she's going to a friend's party. Jim tells Liz that he hopes Vernon will make her happier than he did. Liz is unnerved. David accuses Sarah of planting the drugs on him. Sarah smiles and admits she's paying him back for ruining her wedding.


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