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Liam is stalking Tony outside his house again when Tony's ex, Lindsey, approaches demanding to know what he's up to. Liam claims he's just checking up on Tony seeing as he's involved with both his business and his family.

Lindsey proceeds to rant bitterly about Tony’s obsessive behaviour, says he's a control freak, but claims that they are still in love and that he will come back to her after he has chewed up and spat out Carla. Liam, realising he's found the evidence he was looking for, heads back to the factory to tell Carla. As he relates what he’s heard to a furious Carla, claiming that he’s just looking out for the business, she angrily asserts that this is all about his own jealousy.

Liam scoffs at the idea; but when she suggests that he concentrate on his own relationship as he isn't going to get anywhere with her, he's enraged and marches out of the factory straight into the salon and proposes to Maria in front of Audrey. The episode closes with the question unanswered.

Liz is on tenterhooks about Jim but is adamant that her wedding should go ahead as planned. However, it’s clear that Jim’s presence has unsettled both her and Vernon. Steve helps Jim get some quality time at the park with grand-daughter then is assured that Jim will keep away from Liz despite having broken his earlier promise not to go near the Rovers.

Elsewhere, new bookies - father and son, Harry and Dan - have arrived on the street. Phone calls to Harry suggest marital problems. Dan's chasing up debts that were owing to the previous proprietor, and when he arrives in the cab office looking for Lloyd claiming he owes £400, cheeky Lloyd pushes his luck and claims he's never heard of him. But Harry and Dan don't seem the type to be duped easily. Dan checks out some background from Rovers staff and easily tricks Lloyd into answering to his name; trouble seems to be brewing, but Lloyd promises to call in and sort out the debt.


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