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Liam confides in Michelle that Maria's going to have an abortion although it's obvious Liam's not sure they're making the right decision. Harry and Dan Mason the new bookmakers arrive on the street. Liz is nervous of Jim turning up at the Rovers again. Vernon promises he'll protect her if he does. Liz is touched. Liam stakes out Tony's house again but is shocked when Lindsey confronts him. Dan demands that Lloyd clears his old debt of £400 at the bookies but Lloyd's evasive. Lindsey tells Liam that Tony's a control freak and Carla better watch herself. Steve secretly takes Amy to meet Jim. Jim's delighted to meet his granddaughter. Liam tells Carla about his conversation with Lindsey. Carla's furious that he's been spying on Tony and accuses him of being jealous of Tony because of his relationship with her. Liam vehemently denies this. Eileen's chuffed when Jerry suggests they have a big night out together. Liam storms out of the factory and round to the salon. In front of Audrey - who's eating her lunch, Liam gets down on one knee and proposes to Maria. She's stunned.


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