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The menfolk set about moving rubble aided by the police. The guard is carried from the train with fractures and cuts. The police hear there was a car under the viaduct. Jack, Ena, Elsie and Lucille are missing. Jerry crawls through the rubble and pulls PC Jimmie Conway out. He says his girlfriend Sonia Peters is under the rubble with someone else. The police bring in a power digger. Annie feels sure Jack is under the rubble. Jerry threatens a reporter when he harasses Minnie over Ena's disappearance. Elli Jane Peters, Sonia's grandmother, turns up and is taken in hand by Minnie. Five people are carried out of the wreckage in Viaduct Street. Jack and Lucille turn up to Annie's relief. David crawls under the rubble and finds Sonia. He can't tell if she's alive or not. Elsie turns up. Sonia is declared dead, Conway tries to comfort Elli. Lucille breaks down as Sonia was a school friend. David tells the other men that he's found Ena under the rubble.


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