It's Sophie's 13th birthday. Sally, Kevin, Sophie and Chesney go bowling. Liam tells Maria that he's going to stay with his mum in Ireland for a few days. Maria's disappointed not to be invited. David continues to milk Gail for all the sympathy he can get. Sarah's furious knowing it's all an act whilst Jason's shocked at Sarah's selfish attitude. John and Rosie have sex at No.13 whilst everyone's out bowling. Amber calls to see David and he continues to play the invalid. David continues to drive a wedge between Sarah and Jason. He's pleased to see the first cracks appearing in their marriage. Sean admits to Eileen and Todd he knows that his and Violet's baby is a boy. Jerry arrives back from Milan. Jodie's frosty towards him and Jerry has to do some serious grovelling. Steve agrees to look after Ozzy at the Rovers whilst Liam's in Ireland. The Websters arrive home and find John there with Rosie. John covers saying he wondered if Sally wanted another lesson as he really enjoys teaching her. Sally's delighted thinking that John must fancy her. Todd leaves for London and Eileen goes with him for a holiday. Jason waves them off feeling very much alone.


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