David's spent the night in his car parked on some wasteland. Gail's worried about David and phones the police to report him missing. David climbs up on to the factory roof to watch the proceedings at No.8. He's pleased to see the police pull up outside. Sarah's insistent that David's not going to spoil her wedding as she heads off for church. David watches his family leave for the wedding. He's furious they're still going ahead despite his disappearance and the suicide note. David drives to the canal and parks up. He leaves a message on the answer machine at No.8 saying he's going to kill himself. David drives his car into the canal. A shocked passer-by phones the police. Sarah and Jason's wedding is in full swing when the police arrive at the church. They tell Gail that David's car has been found in the canal and they're looking for his body. Gail leaves the church beside herself with worry. Sarah's still convinced that David's just trying to ruin her wedding and insists the vicar continues with the service. Sarah and Jason are married. Maria tells Gail about the suicide note which Sarah destroyed. Gail's distraught realising that David's chosen the same spot to commit suicide that Richard Hillman used to try and drown them four years earlier. The wedding reception takes place at Leanne's restaurant but everybody's worried about David. Jason's shocked at Sarah's lack of concern for her brother. Jason and Sarah arrive home to find Gail fretting about David. Sarah explains she thought his suicide note was a wind-up. Gail and Audrey are angry at Sarah. Paul kisses Leanne on the lips which takes her by surprise. David arrives home looking terrible. Gail hugs him, so relieved that her son is alive. David triumphantly admits to Sarah his plan worked - he ruined her wedding day. Sarah and Jason leave for their honeymoon in the Lake District.


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