Fiz is annoyed when John says he's arranged another English lesson with Sally that evening, so they can't go out. Rosie throws a sickie as she can't face Liam at the factory. Liam tells Sally about Rosie's crush and how he may have been a bit harsh with her. Roy and Hayley arrive back from their camping trip at the Lakes. They've sorted out their differences and have decided to sign up for a charity project in Africa. Roger fits a new boiler at the takeaway for Jodie. Jodie finds out from Jerry that he's free to go if he pays a hefty fine. Sally talks to Rosie about her crush on Liam saying he's too old for her. Maria then has a go at Rosie for failing to pass on her message. She leaves the café in tears. Roy tells Becky he wants to make amends with Christian and would like her to act as a go-between. Becky's not sure it's a good idea. John calls at the Websters' house intending to cancel Sally's lesson. He finds Rosie upset and alone. Rosie pours her heart out to him about Liam and John assures her she's an attractive girl. Rosie kisses John which takes him by surprise but he kisses her back. Ivor and George quiz Norris wanting to know if he's proposed to his lady-friend or not. Norris remains tight-lipped. John hugs Fiz and assures her that he doesn't fancy Sally.


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